why roughneck

Our unique approach at Roughneck Resources is that we look at everything from a different angle than our competitors. Our approach is and will always be, how we can increase the value we give to the customer.

How are we different? What seperates us from the competitors?

From the very start you will see a difference in our professionalism, knowledge and expertise in the industry. We use only the best equipment and hire only the best employees,  while at the same time keeping our prices fair and competitive.

You will receive our legendary customer service from the start, during, and after you receive your product. 

We provide a Service Dept with ASE Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians that are able to repair your equipment at either your location or in our shop. Companies that had their trucks upfitted by other manufacturers often use us to repair, service, inspect and recertify their truck's equipment. We are proud to say that they now choose Roughneck Resources in Longview, Texas as their source for ALL their needs. We say it all the time, if you use Roughneck one time, you will be a "Forever Customer".

From start to finish, we are doing everything possible to maximize your savings and ensure you get the highest quality product on the market.

Customer Service is our number one priority. We work as one with our customers to find new ways to improve their current products and by locating areas of improvement to maximize their needs on future projects. We simply call that customer service. We like the fact that customers can make one call and know Roughneck Resources will be able to fulfill all their needs in one location.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to see new ways to improve every day in every way. "Good Enough is the Enemy of the Best"

Roughneck Resources in Longview, Texas looks forward to working with you on your next project.

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