Tank Manufacturing

Roughneck Resources is the place to come for ALL your custom tank needs. Our design and leadership team will oversee each step of the process in order to deliver you the highest quality product at a fair price.

Each customized tank will not only meet your specific needs but will also comply with all applicable standards and specifications including these Department of Transportation codes:

  • DOT 406
  • DOT 407
  • DOT 412

We utilize state-of-the-art Fronius Water Cooled Welding machines, ESAB plasma cutting tables, ESAB subarc machines along with ESAB Long Seam, MIG, TIG and GMAW seam welding equipment.

Our skilled workforce is trained and qualified to weld all types of aluminum, stainless steel and all types of structural steel.

We specialize in truck-mounted aluminum tanks that incorporate multiple compartments with bottom loading and vapor recovery capabilities.

  • Roughneck Resources products will provide you a distinct advantage over your competition. 
  • Our products will save you money not only in repair expenses, they will also eliminate the expenses associated with your equipments down time. 

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